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For Guru-GrandMaster Hakeem Alexander, this is where The DarkSide Rains... Let the psychology drip with the blood of the slain and flow from the edge of the blade, and onto the screen and page.

PharmacoEugenics: Drug Induced Genocide

Drug Induced Genocide PharmacoEugenics The science of pharmacogenomics has figured out that not everyone metabolizes drugs in the same way. Duh?! But that is just what we let you, the dumb-ass public believe. Because we have authority, one-upsmanship, and all … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana: The Murder of Minds

The Murder of Minds Medical Marijuana You are all fucking idiots. And if that gets you to stop reading this, then very good for me and the boys at the top. It means we will continue using your back as … Continue reading

Sail Upon A River Of Blood: Sacrifice The Masses

Sacrifice The Masses Sail Upon A River Of Blood Is the world really too overpopulated? If so, then something really needs to be done about it. From a mind-set of lack, the solution is very simple. When perspective is limited … Continue reading