We Will Always Butt Heads, Ye Foul Polluters Of Air, Land, and Sea

I watch you standing around and fouling the air with every breath that you are a waste of. You are a Butt Head. The disgusting filth that you expel into the environment without care for anyone. All you seek is … Continue reading

Shadow Of An Assassin

(SwordPaper) >Drink Wine and Be Social with Red Heart Wine Club< There isĀ  very uncomfortable reality about the world that I live in. As an assassin. A killer of men for money. Mercenary. For an attention seeker like me. There … Continue reading

Massive Decapitation: Cutting Off Lots Of Heads

Cutting Off Lots Of Heads Massive Decapitation Swing that blade in an X-pattern as you advance towards your enemies and victims. That will not chop off skulls at the neck right away, but it will drop them to the floor … Continue reading