Celebrity actors, musicians, comedians, and entertainers consistently perform with confidence at their highest levels of efficiency with Healthy Living and Self-Defense Consulting and Training based on Hypnosis, Yoga, and Capoeira facilitated by Hakeem A.B. Alexander.

Hangzhou, China
Pasadena CA, 91102

GrandMaster Hakeem Alexander

aka Indenju

aka Mordekai

Hakeem Alexander is a fucking Billion-Dollar Master Mind. A Super-Ninja Capoeira Grand-Master SwordsMan who writes with your blood as ink.

drawswordActually he is a prices-less master-mind and may even be a mindless mad man.

But what the fuck do you know? Shut up and read you illiterate schlep.

If you are looking for inspiration you won’t find it here. This is Scienti-Fiction or ScientiFiction. Some type of creative non-fiction deal that is not real.

But it uses a lot of real information. If you have any brains you might figure it out.

If you want to be inspired then visit http://eym.HypnoAthletics.com to Exercise Your Mind.

Otherwise just read this shit and die. This is the dark side of the psyche. And not only does Hakeem own his own shadow, but he owns yours too.

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