I Just Feel Like Crying: The Waters Of Depression

The Waters Of Depression

I Just Feel Like Crying

My tears are not weakness. They may signify sadness, but there is nothing in this that is weak. I will destroy you if you wish to challenge this idea and then weep over your dead body.

I Just Feel Like Crying. It has been a long time i have felt like this. Long for me because it is my entire lifetime. Though I am not generally sad I still cry.

Life is full of such great fortune for me and I find it quite easy to get what I want when I want it. And still, I am totally empathic to the sadness of the world.

Whenever I can find the time away from the madness of crowds, I retreat into a solitude of tears. Drowning in The Waters Of Depression.

Often there is a combination of joy with the tears. I cry with a smile and weep while laughing. It is a melody of madness like no other.

But what do I know of others? Not much. Except that there is a lot of pain in the world. And many do not merely weep; but instead collapse beneath the weight of burdens.

For this I am grateful that the Universe has been merciful enough to grant me the inner power that I ask of it to continue with strength no matter what the trouble may be.

And overall I live an existence of gladness. Yet there are days upon days of weeping. That young Princess who will not have me. The Queen who has gone away.

The massive deaths in nations that are torn by war. The families destroyed by the infidelities and misguided loyalties cloaked in lies.

The heartache, the heartbreak, the heart attacks; broken homes and broken bones. I see and hear and taste and smell and feel the pain so deep in the flesh of me.

And often times I mistake it for my own misery. Yet it is simply my undertaking the sorrows of a world infected by hollow longings and grief unrelieved.

Oh how I absorb the pitiful state of it all and appear to be stricken by maladies of my own when in reality I am mourning the death of Love in the dying hearts of Earth.

These bitter souls who know nothing but a suicidal escape from the impoverished reality they have created by believing the myth of dysempowered existence.

Wading, bathing, swimming and drowning in The Waters Of Depression. Living out the hurting and misfortune of a land drenched in fear, loss and blood.

I Just Feel Like Crying. And no matter how much I wish it was not so; no matter how much I practice and work to build up to overcome; The Waters Of Depression take me.

I am washed far out to the depths of the seas of remorse and regret.

Caught in the undertow of massive oceans of lamenting and anguish.

I Just Feel Like Crying. Even in my sleep I often awaken soaked in tears. The Waters Of Depression have no boundaries. It even floods my dreams into nightmares.

These forlorn streams I sail upon flow effortlessly into the oblivion of eternity. It is a swim against the current to go upstream into the states of gladness and appreciation.

And the struggle is worth it all. Fighting against the deluge of melancholy rivers I shall do faithfully with every bit of passion to find the shores of joy with gratitude.

For it does not take away my life but empowers my character and being through the very act of toiling in The Waters Of Depression. I am made almighty through persistence.

My life is one of great success and triumph and beauty that is endless making it seem like that of a magnificent dream. Yet here I am in The Waters Of Depression.

And though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of waves. Even though I know I will find the gold at the end of the rainbow; I Just Feel Like Crying.