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Sail Upon A River Of Blood: Sacrifice The Masses

Sacrifice The Masses

Sail Upon A River Of Blood

Is the world really too overpopulated?

If so, then something really needs to be done about it.

From a mind-set of lack, the solution is very simple.

When perspective is limited by greed and fear, there is only one thing to do:

Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Gr...
Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sacrifice the masses and sail upon a river of blood.

Maybe it might be an ocean or sea.

Whatever it is, in order to do away with overpopulation many must die.

The Planet Earth that most humans live on has way too many people some say. There is way too much population growth.

Instead of over seven-billion people we should only have five-hundred million. That would solve a lot of problems.

Maybe we can turn mosquitoes into flying syringes to spread genetically selective diseases that destroy immune systems.

Another idea would be to create a super virus that uses a reverse-transcriptase enzyme that splices its own genes into the unwanted masses.

even more ingenious, what if we just selectively breed livestock and grow food that is only optimized for a certain desired population.

Then, slowly over time, those who do not fit the optimized profile will be slowly weeded out over time with no apparent cause.

evilution (Photo credit: superk8nyc)

It will just look like survival of the fittest. Evilution.

But how much more fun would it be to strip down to the basics and get back to medieval warfare.

No smart bombs or machine guns. Just clubs and swords. Then the Earth will truly be drenched in blood and we vampires will be satisfied.

Drinking to the fill of the pain. We David and conquer. Turn those undesired masses against each other.

Just like those Hutsus and Tutsis. Create an illusion of conflict and then scale it up to extinction level proportions.

How about unleashing a blood-thirsty hoard of chimeras and cybrids upon the frightened humans.

Our mutations cooked in labs through money mad experiments.

They shall eat the living and massacre the masses. Oh the gory glory.

The weak and stupid pestilence of humankind shall be extinguished from the Earth and we demonic-vampiric shall rise again.

There are too many fools. It is survival of the smartest. so of course the dumb don’t realize.

We genetically engineer their food to target the unwanted. We floridate the water to subdue their minds.

Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry (Photo credit: PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Lead in their brains slowly vaporized off of their teeth we plant in their mouths as we leave dead root canals to fester and breed filth.

How stupid they are to watch us spray poison on their food. Indeed it is pesticide, for it eliminates the weak-genes of those human pests.

How they know of the hormones and antibiotics we inject into the animals we slaughter and feed to them.

Those livestock beasts that live in horrible conditions of filth and disease within confined animal feeding operations and still they feast.

We shall knock down their towers and bomb their celebrations so that they cry for protection and security.

And yes, we will protect ourselves from them as we increase to maximum security the prison we confine them within.

"Beware of a misfit occupation. . . . Con...
“Beware of a misfit occupation. . . . Consider carefully your natural bent, whether for business or a profession.” ~ Marshall Field. (Photo credit: eyewashdesign: A. Golden)

And how easy it will be after we take away their constitutional right to bear arms. There will be no way for them to fight back.

It will be like taking candy from the babies that we sacrifice.

There will be mega-death. Hear their screams and celebrate our victory. The New World Order has finally come.

There is nothing now that they can do. All hope is lost for them yet they do not know the hell that awaits them.

Their food will be in shortage. Famine. Diseases shall crawl about and snuff them slowly out. The water will dry up an be undrinkable.

Yet we shall find ourselves afloat on fresh liquid.

We shall be floating atop the spoils of our victorious reign.

And yes it shall rain. Crimson rain for forty-days.

And we in our Arc of the Covenant shall be cast off in triumph.

Our job is now done.

We sacrifice the masses and sail upon a river of blood.

ríos de sangre_Rivers of blood
ríos de sangre_Rivers of blood (Photo credit: supercoco__)

NOTE: I did not know the word evilution was in use but was no surprised when WordPress recommended the image I inserted above. Kind of creepy how well it actually fits the them of my Scientifiction.