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An Airborne Pandemic: Vapor And Smoke Signals Of Dumb And Doom

Vapor And Smoke Signals Of Dumb And Doom

An Airborne Pandemic

(Song Singing, Sword Swinging, & Blood Bringing)

There have been some laws that came into effect in certain places telling people they can’t smoke on the property of certain businesses.

Not only that, but they can’t even smoke within ten to forty feet from some of these business’ outside seating areas.

There are even some awesome towns that have banned smoking outdoors in any public areas at all!

And this is really great, because I fucken hate cigarettes, and the smoke from them.

One day I was sitting near some assholes who were complaining about this outside of a coffee shop in Tarzan’s Land.

They were talking about how there is no scientific proof that second-hand smoke can cause cancer.

These fools were also saying that it is very much like the Nazis, for local government to place bans on public smoking.

Certain governments are very much like Nazis in many ways I will agree.

But when the governments do shit that is cool with me, it is O.K. then.

If I do not agree with them, then sure, they’re fucking Nazis.

But what is really the point of this SwordPaper, is that I will definitely put the blade down with a fact that can not be logically disputed.

This SwordPaper will go down in history as an Undisputed Champion of Logic and Reason against all you smoking fucktards out there.

There is NICOTINE in them cigarettes right?

This is the reason you fucken drug addicts are mostly puffing this shit, correct?

So that even if it were true that second hand smoke does not cause cancer, or other diseases like lung and breathing problems, you are still fucking with other people’s health in a very serious way.

You are dispersing a drug into the air.

A drug that fucks with the neurotransmitter ACETYLCHOLINE and many other brain chemicals.

So that when babies, children, pets, wild animals, and your fellow adult humans breathe that shit; you are forcing an airborne drug upon them.

This is why even the logic of the whoole new vaporized-nicotine movement must crumble, and be banned at once also.

Because you inconsiderate, pieces of shit are pumping nicotine laced vapors into the air, and polluting it for those who don’t want nicotine.

You’re stupid.

And even though the vapor will not destroy your lungs like smoking tobacco does, I still hope you die.

You should die, and take all the other unreasonable, illogical, inconsiderate, assholes with you into your airborne nicotine death-dungeon.

For this reason alone, you must stop smoking around others who are non-smokers, and do not consume nicotine.

Nicotine is a poison.

You are dumb.

And you are living in a selfish, diseased world that is doomed to be destroyed because you do not care to think about others.

You just don’t care that you damn and doom others to breathe in a fucking drug, that we did not ask to be consuming.

By smoking or vaporizing products that contain nicotine, you are releasing a known poison into the air.

But you never thought about it this way, did you?

Because you are inconsiderate and only care about getting your fix.

So you just ignorantly go around everyday disperse an airborne poison.

It is bad enough that we have cars coughing out toxic waste everyday into the lungs of the world.

And then there’s you.

You piece of shit.

Smoking and Vaporizing Nicotine is an Airborne Pandemic.

And you are part of a world-wide death dealing project set into place by your Slave-Masters who rule your Slave-Ass brain and lungs.

Wake the fuck up and stop being so stupid.

I would really like to cut your head off with my Sword.

But for now, this SwordPaper cutting the head off of your ignorance will do.

Happy Decapitation, Bitches.