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OM2 Debut At Muse On 8th [Part 1 and Part 2]

Original Music Open Mic (OM2)

Debut At Muse On 8th

(SwordPaper) On Monday, March 9th, 2015; an amazing line-up of Original Music Artists arrived to perform for the Debut of OM2 at Muse On 8th!

Eight Musicians, including: Glenn Darby, Gia, BR-1, Zombie, Kathleen Smith, Heather Stewart, BEKAH, and Dylan Brody joined me to launch a new event!

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Listen to the PodCasts below to join in on the event that was recorded and BroadCast LIVE from Muse On 8th.

The performance time of each artist is listed below each pod / player so that you can skip ahead to the music if you wish to bypass the chatter in between…


Glenn Darby

3:09 – performs “Living in a La La Land” on Piano with Vocals

7:36 – “Hey St. Peter Can You Tell Me How To Dismantle A Bomb?”

Bruno Garcia aka BR-1

13:05 – performs a FreeStyle BeatBox



21:00 performs “Like Mine” on Guitar with Vocals

24:25 – “Home

Zom B


30:14 – performs a FreeStyle BeatBox

Hakeem Alexander

38:16 – performs “Changing Flowers” on Guitar with Vocals


Kathleen Smith


2:35 – performs “Sweet Tune” on Guitar with Vocals

8:10 – “Love Superstar” on Piano with Vocals

Heather Stewart


13:27 – performs “What It Is” on Guitar with Vocals

17:15 – “? ? ? ? ? ?” on Guitar with Vocals


21:16 – performs “Golden Hearts” on Baritone Ukulele with Vocals

24:35 – “Love Me When I Love You” on Baritone Ukulele with Vocals

Dylan Brody


29:03 – performs “I”ll Be Waiting Here” on Piano with Vocals

31:39 – “Side Effects“on  Piano with Vocals

*End Notes:*

I learned something very valuable from all of these performers. That I should probably, usually set my vocals at a considerable volume higher than my guitar.

My performance sounded the worst as far as the mix goes. Everyone else on this recording sounded fantastic.

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