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Original Music Open Mic {OM2} at Muse On 8th April 6th Parts 1 & 2

(SwordPaper) A spectacular, international, and diversely talented group of musicians showed up on the scene at Muse on 8th!

*Photo Gallery Below*

There were a few familiar faces, including SkyWriter and Jacque Hammond who shared their awesome harmonies, rifts and melodies with us.

Listen to these marvelous sounds and share them with your friends!

Part 1

You can stream the event online, or download them for offline listening.

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Part 2

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1, 2 –  SkyWriter; 3, 4 – Pyroc; 5, 6 – Lucky Keith; 7, 8 – Oliver; 9, 10 – Aimee Francis; 11, 12 – Jacque Hammond; 13, 14 – Simone; 15, 16 – Lala Jones; 17, 18 – Cat Cain

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