Immortal Preservation Through Righteous Incantation

(SwordPaper) I follow no religion, though I am not athiest or Anti-God. I accept only those parts of all religions that promote cheer, health, and prosperity.

All that I do is for the purpose of what I call L.U.C.K.

Love. Understanding. Compassion. Kindness.

You can sing the incantation like a hymn, drone it with a monotone voice, speak it with or without dynamics, set it to music.

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Magik / Magick / Majik / Majick

For real Magikal* Incantations to actually manipulate changes in your physical reality, they must be made your own. *MetaPhysical

The principle operator(s) of all MetaPhysics is / are your own conscious, and subconscious mind(s).



To understand this more completely, WATCH: How To Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind.,and then you can

READ How Do You Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind – for more complete details.



You can meditate, pray, or execute any other ritual that is comforting, and appropriate for you. Control of your emotions is of primary importance.

Incantation / Invocation of, and, for the Affirmation of Immortal Preservation begins…

I do command from the highest place.

I command, and demand of myself the highest grace.

All that I invoke are the greatest good.

All that arises from within me is absolutely understood.

As I invoke others, I merely request.

The only spirits I do summon want for me the best.

For we shall dwell together for eternity.

We co-create the best of all eternally.

This life in the flesh is only just one phase.

The Life that is in all is the One that stays always.

We journey with confidence through The Portal.

ThoughOut our Royal Life which is Immortal.

Again, allow yourself to finish however you feel is best for you. Remember that it is your mind that holds all the power. Do your best to repeat and practice so that you unleash your greatest sorcery.

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