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UniquilibriuM Rocked By Rolls’ Fatal Role

(SwordPaper) – ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. – “A low-level bureaucrat was recently found murdered after rejecting a retired homeowner’s request for a construction permit. During the subsequent court case, the homeowner admitted that she found their address in the public voter rolls, which has shed light on the security threat that they may pose, especially to government officials.” | Issue by The Kingdom of Opatia | Edited by Noahs Second Country |

The issue on NationStates.Net was proposed for read through and possible listener, caller, and speaker “votes”; on which of the solutions presented during the debate “Mordekai” should accept.

However, a motley crew gathered and steered the conversation far off the planned vector. Listen in now as the room gets rowdy, and then crawls to a gently, purring conclusion.

Excerpt from the episode

“Yeah these things don’t always go hand in hand and all the same these things have to be addressed individually for example I have been recently very depressed

Up and down in the past three years extremely depressed and even suicidal thoughts in the past three years but there was something and interestingly enough that something is physical fitness practice and training and exercise that my mind

My psychology developed a dependence on that drew me back into the world of the living and being enthusiastic and thriving rather than just barely surviving and being depressed and drinking myself to sleep and all that stuff

Because I’m psychologically conditioned to do those things which happen to release all different types of wonderful chemicals in your brain the endorphins in your body and in your brain

All different kinds of neurotransmitters and hormones that your body loves to be bathed in and exercise does this and not only exercise but knowing how to do the different exercises and being disciplined

It’s fascinating to me as one of the things that I do is as a fitness trainer what happened to you vlad so one of the things I do is as a fitness trainer and as a fitness trainer

I’m constantly amazed at how many people don’t exercise correctly and actually can do things to hurt themselves so it’s very necessary having a coach mike my point being that these different forms of education

Of knowing exercise science to a certain degree and practicing it for years so first of all you have something of an intellectual endeavor where you have to read about and then understand and then apply what you know as a fitness trainer or a sports trainer

Athletic coach doing strength and conditioning or fitness training regular personal training most of my clients are over 50 years old most of them actually are over 60 years old

A couple of them are over 70 years old and all of them have been able to restore a high level level of functionality much better than before because of training in a certain way

So they’re increasing their quality of life rather than just the length of it because they’ve already got there with all the medical science and everything like that

People are living longer anyway but it’s now more about how are you living and you know a lot of the stuff about how people are living is really dictated to us hey

Rudy is dictated to us by politics the politics of the subconscious mind that a lot of people aren’t paying attention to and myself as a hypnotist who’s also spent my years working in hypnoanalysis

Analyzing all the messages the marketing the communication the politics from a hypnoytic perspective and looking at that a lot of these things that people are having to deal with are in their physical health and their bodies and something that anything that has to do

Like with these families at the medical center people’s rights and people’s health and their mind is going to be violated or imposed upon unless somebody says something

And most people are just conditioned not to say anything at all and to continually accept more and more rules and regulations that are unnecessary and actually seem even punitive to the general population

But on the physical health side it’s amazing that you’re right too something that you mentioned is that there has to be not just a physical put the psychological

Mental and spiritual and yes you’ll see that there are quite a lot of people who are extremely talented and skilled at things one of the examples that I use because it’s very close to me because I grew up listening to the music from this amazing singer is chris cornell

Who was super famous at least in fans of some pop and grunge music who had an amazing voice like one of the best voices ever that you could ever hear

I first heard him in a band called temple of the dog and he and eddie better from the band pearl jam got together with other members of their respective bands

Another band I think called mother love bone or something like that and did a tribute album to the singer of one of those bands who died from a heroin overdose

Welcome martin to the room and chris cornell supposedly was on stage and his wife went to him and said how are you doing you seem a little bit off he said

It’s just a little bit maybe a medication mixed with something else or I took too much of something and then later after a successful show hangs himself in his hotel room and man

Beautiful voice great music he’s relatively popular famous you could even say not a lot of tabloid stuff not in the news a lot doesn’t seem to have any issues going on publicly

Just doing the rock star thing lots of dark and cryptic messages and music which upon later examination might reveal something but kills himself right now

There could be something said about the medications that which a lot of them actually start to conjure up suicidal ideation and there are lots of reasons for that

Which I’ll get to later if I remember or if somebody wants to know about that the mechanism by which that happens so then chester bennington from lincoln park sings the song like a stone at hollywood forever cemetery

Where chris cornell is buried interesting side note I recorded a song at the hollywood forever cemetery directly based off of fell on black days from sound garden

Which chris cornell was a singer of and the song is callin haunted and I recorded on a cruise guitar at that cemetery and it was also about death and dying cemetery

Whatever the kind of songs you record in the cemetery anyway he sings the song like a stone in the cemetery and then the following year on chris cornell’s birthday

He also commits suicide now I don’t think to some people it should have been a secret but yes I’m going hungry strike yes all of his songs he was like

What the fuck is wrong with me I’ve given up but nobody seems to care I’ve tried to give you warning but nobody’s listening one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break it was in the lyrics

On the outside looking in I could see what was coming because all of my music is like that one of the reasons why I really got so much into nirvana and pearl jam and sound garden and those bands

Allison chains and then even the later hardcore and death metal bands like sepultura especially the ones with really penetrating lyrics was because I felt a lot of ways very close to what those things were

What those singers were expressing but again on the health side of everything so yes you could be successful you could be physically successful materially successful and physically healthy and still end up wanting to kill yourself

It happens to a lot of people for various different reasons we all handle things in different ways so yes you have to have a lot of things going on in your life

One of which is a support system of other people so that I just know that if people are left alone with these ideas it doesn’t end well a support system for people and constantly being there and understanding may or may not help

But I’ve been just recently saw a story on linkedin this one was talked about her brother she put it out there that he’s been struggling for 20 or so years with bipolar”