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Piss And Cigarettes: Wash Your Hands And Die

Wash Your Hands And Die

Piss And Cigarettes

I once heard some degenerate cigarette smoker complaining that California was full of Nazis because there has been a limitation on smoking indoors and from a certain distance of businesses.

He claimed there was no scientific evidence of there being any harm from second hand smoke.

The CDC says otherwise.

Gamma Alpha Gamma – GAG

I hope that he and all of the others smokers die very slow and painful deaths.

Our planet is overpopulated as it is. We need new ways to Sacrifice The Masses.

Some Kills
Some Kills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is actually a testament of the absolute stupidity of human beings. that cigarette smoking is still a common habit.

Just like the people who somehow manage to become crack addicts and alcoholics; even after we have seen what crack addicts are like.

You’ve got to love the suicide of it all.

The idiots are all wiping themselves out and ensuring that their health will not pass the test when the meteor-asteroid ships come for evacuation.

It is an unfathomable stupidity to me. Once a smoker due to experimentation the habit was quickly and easily dropped because of the detriment.

And those horribly stinking cigars. You humans are such pathetic fools the pass-times and habits you think you are enjoying.

Instead you are just destroying yourselves (thankfully).

Delta Iota Epsilon – DIE

I see waaaaay too many dudes in the “bathrooms” leaving a piss and then leaving without washing their hands.

You are disgusting maggots and should choke on feces!

Eat shit and die like a fly, good-bye. Anything that eats shit should have a short life-span like flies.

And you non-hand washing cretin are no more valuable. Filthy fuck that you are. How do you have no courtesy for others?

Not everybody wants to touch your penis juice you sick, nasty infidel.

Wash your fucking hands after you use the toilet. How fucken hard is this?

There are sinks and soap and paper towels and air dryers and stuff. And you just zip it up and walk out. Touching the door handle and all.

Fuck you.

Such terrible hygiene. And then you eat food and shake other people’s hands. This is why I do my best to avoid touching any of you dirt-bags.

It’s nasty. And you deserve to die by the edge of a sword or something.

But I have noticed that the ones who DO NOT wash their hands are more likely to be filthy, degenerate, loser cigarette smokers.

So death will soon be yours. And  wish it to be very slow and painful and smelly. You know urine smells awful when it sits around for a reason.

It is waste!

And you are a waste of life. So die. God made a mistake.


Seriously, you “people” are gross and you should know better. But this world is full of stupid fuck-ups like you, who have no consideration for anyone else.

if you did, you would not smoke outside of places where there are babies and small children like it is no issue.

I have been to Las Vegas and walked through the casinos where all the degenerate gamblers are hanging out and smoking.

Do you know that just from this it was painful to speak and swallow my own saliva for a week?

Imagine what this does to small children. The same happened to a non-smoking friend of mine when she visited Las Vegas.

You are an asshole and you should be ashamed of yourself and wash your hands. What is this all about?

Fuck The World

I do not want to have anything to do with your piss and cigarettes. If it were up to me I would round you all up for extermination.

So you are fortunate it is not up to me, Yet.

For now I trust that you will die slowly from a smoking related disease and maybe make one of your own children or family member sick from your piss hands.

Then they will die slowly too. And you will suffer agony. Not knowing why. But I am just glad that you will suffer.

Because you do not care for anyone else and so will Gag and Die. I pray for it because I know God let’s me have free will to pray as I wish.

And so it is. Amen-Ra muther-fucker. May the Sun no-longer shine on your slow-dying and soon to be rotting corpse.