Bloody Blades, Hakeem Alexander

How To Chop A Body In Half With A Sword: Cut Of The Carriage Wheel

Cut Of The Carriage Wheel

How To Chop A Body In Half With A Sword

I am sure you have seen a carriage wheel. You must understand I am not discussing a baby carriage here.

We should be more focused on the type of carriage that carries adult humans and is drawn by horses. These are big wheels.

They have a large circumference and sweep out a large arc. By studying the carriage wheel, you will learn how to slice a body in two pieces.

The area to ficus on and target for the cut of the carriage wheel is directly below the navel.

Although there might be a great deal of muscle and viscera, here is the least amount of resistance from bone. Only the lumbar spine is in the way.

The Axle Is he Axis From Where You Swing The Axes

An axe or a sword. Either weapon is effective. Whichever you choose to use or happen to have on hand will benefit from the Cut of the Carriage Wheel.

You must first think of your body as the axle of the carriage wheel.

But the wheel is turned on its side as if the carriage has tipped over. Your body would be like a tent pole sticking out of the ground.

Your cut is to trace out the full circumference of the carriage wheel that is rotating on this axis.

You are to slice with the intention and force to bring your swing around a full 360 degrees.

The point that you make contact with the torso directly below the belly button and right above the hip bone is the point where you return.

This is the greatest definition of a full swing in action.

The Beginning Is The End

To attempt and successfully complete the cut of the carriage wheel, is to end the confrontation as it begins.

Even if the full bisection is not accomplished, there is very little chance of recovery for your enemy on the blade end of this special delivery.

In every way the cut of the carriage wheel is a complete and total package. The cut begins where it ends and the fight ends where it begins.

This is always a very gory blade strike and you should be prepared to be soaked and bathed in a lot of blood.

The cut of the carriage wheel for this bloody reason is also a fantastic psychological operation.

It is very traumatizing to the friends of your enemies to see their ally severed in half and the great deal of blood that is set flying about.

Either witnessing the cut in action or the aftermath provides a high level of fright and intimidation.

Shoots and Bladders

As with anything, practice is the mother of skill. Especially the skill to kill.

A few suggested targets to get the real feel of the sword slicing through flesh and bone are bamboo shoots and eventually moving on to tree trunks of increasing thickness.

If you have happened to capture any prisoners of war who are on Death Row, you can use them as still targets. But this can create a big mess at home base.

Would not you prefer to leave the clean-up behind enemy lines? But you may have a really good hazardous materials and sanitation department.

So the option is yours whether or not you practice slicing through tree trunks and human trunks; bamboo shoots and bladders.

A Perfect Circle

By practicing and perfecting the cut of the carriage wheel, you are certain to bring your skills to a much higher level and come full circle with your ability to cut through the competition.