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PharmacoEugenics: Drug Induced Genocide

Drug Induced Genocide


The science of pharmacogenomics has figured out that not everyone metabolizes drugs in the same way. Duh?!

But that is just what we let you, the dumb-ass public believe.

Because we have authority, one-upsmanship, and all kinds of other hypnotic modalities on our side, you will believe anything big-sister says.

Or whatever big-brother says too.

But we have already known for years what the human genome product has produced.

We have already been to every planet in the solar system, traveled to different galaxies, exploded planets and manipulated entire stars to create pulsar communication systems and quasar tachyon travel bridges.

Before all that, and the photo-invisibility cloaks, tandem teleportation modules, chameleophlage shape-shiften skins, cybrid and chimera technologies; of course we figured out the human genetic code!

Genocide by violence is so played out bro. Think about this: If we can get the C.I.A. to go bananas and overthrow the elected government of Guatemala over some fruit, what else do we have in store?

Yeah. Chiquita Banana. They sell ’em at Starbucks to you fucken dorks! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Edward Bernays got an elected government to be trashed by the United States for monkey food.

And in the same way that monoculture makes people forget that there are blue, purple, orange, black, brown , red and green bananas, so they make you think that one type of cow and chicken will do.

Over 93-percent of the animals you eat on Earth are all just a bunch of inbred live-stock. No diversity.

And this is only so we can ship it and have it still look pretty. There is no thought given to how nutritious it will be. Only so that we can take your money for it.

But there is a dual component to all of this. Selective genocide. Based on an ancient genetic model we have using to enslave and control the human species for a very long time.

To use the dumbed down version, which you probably still wont understand, I shall turn to pharmacogenentics.

There are four basic metabolizing types of people. Extensive, slow, poor and ultra.

Extensive metabolizers are the ones who have the genetic make-up which allows a pharmaceutical product to metabolize in a way that offers maximum therapeutic effect and minimal adverse effects.

Slow metabolizers take a little longer to process the pharamceutical. So therapy is slower but so is elimination and the bad side effects increase a little.

Poor metabolizers have big problems with process and elimination and have more adverse or bad effects with little or no therapeutic effect.

Ultra metaboliers just chew up and spit the pharma products out and have no therapeutic effect but no bad effects either.

In the lab it was figured out pretty early on that all we had to do was make the drug design suit the genes or our royal blood-lines.

Every body else would have problems with the products we created and slowly be diseased out of existence with no further research required.

The same testing and eugenic elimination that applies to pharmaceutical products was also applied to food science.

Why do you think there is a Food AND Drug Administration?

The same goes for fuels and household products and appliances and cell-phone frequencies and other electromagnetic bandwidth.

The planets atmosphere has been scientifically designed to support the life of those we have elected to the real class.

Everyone else will suffer the effects of their maladapted genes and work for the fake money we create to pay back to use in the hope that we will cure your diseases and ailments.

Why do you think there are some people who never seem to get sick no matter what is plaguing their neighbors?

You, our slaves, live on a planet that has been designed from the individual atoms all the way out to the furthest star through our technology to make us strong and keep you weak.

You are like sea moneys in a cosmic petting zoo.

Where we have manufactured your consent and created your desires and beliefs you think you have free-choice and free will.

And so long as you continue to drink the flouridated water and allow mercury to fill your teeth; as long as you tolerate chemical pesticides and genetic engineering you will remain captive.

‘So long as we can pollute the skies with carbon waste and crowd the atmosphere with mind-numbing and brain tumor forming electronic smog, you stay in bondage.

And you will never escape because you were born to serve and then die. So eat the food and drink the fucking cool-aid with the artificial colors and flavors.

And when you get sick from all this shit, by all means, go to the doctor. And be sure to demand the latest and the best “medicines” that pharma has to offer.

They sure are medicines. Because they are curing the Royal Class of having to do the hive work that you do for us.

Oh yes, and remember to get your children vaccinated and to put on your sunblock for Christ’s sake!

No use in allowing your body to make use of those photons to make vitamin-D. Heaven forbid you use the yellow Sun like Kal-El and become a SuperWoman or a SuperMan.

Fuck that!

Plastics and nanotechnology are the shit! Take your medicine. Forget all that conspiracy theory stuff. Those guys are fucken wack jobs.

There is no such thing as drug induced genocide or PharmacoEugenics.