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PetruStrike: Legend Of The Stone Warrior

Legend Of The Stone Warrior


Petrus is a Latin word and comes from the Greek word that means rock. A rock is hard. Maybe that is why an erect penis is sometimes called a Peter.

Petrified means to become like stone when softer, organic materials like plants have their spaces filled with minerals.

On March 22nd 1490 in China, a massive meteor exploded over Qìngyáng. Over 10,000 people were killed by this event and many more fled to escape.

One woman, Xena Xui, fearing for the safety of her young son and the baby in her womb, attempted to flee in the hope of escaping the Wrath of the Dragon.

But with two babies and her husband having been killed during the fire and brimstone raining from the sky, this was not possible for her.

Six months later, her son died from the harsh living conditions brought about by the earlier cosmic event.

Days later, Xena Xui gave birth to an unusually robust and healthy child. Xena Xui collapses from exhaustion.

When she awakens, she is shocked to discover that her child is fully grown even though only one day has passed.

Xena Xui herself was also profoundly transformed from within, being rapidly healed and revitalized by the residual and radiant energy.

She recognizes the child, not only from the motherly intuition and bond that is beyond reason, but from the several birthmarks on the grown child’s face.

Xena Xui’s miracle offspring explains to her that this unbelievable transformation was due to the energy release caused by the infernal rain of stone from the cosmos.

This event has allowed marvelous integration of the collected knowledge and experiences of Xena Xui and all the people she has ever had contact with.

Because of this, the two are able to create a prosperous life and live in peace and comfort for the next fifteen years.

But then came the Portugeuse in 1516.

A slow, deceptive and insidious colonization began, and continued for many years. Many Chinese began disappearing as the Portuguese kidnapped them for their growing need for slave labor.

Xena Xui and child were taken on board the Portuguese slave ships. They went voluntarily as the miracle child advised her mother that there was a greater purpose in store for them overseas.

Neither of the two showed any apparent signs of aging. Only their experience and wisdom grew.

One night, a Portuguese slave wrangler attempted to rape the very beautiful Xena Xui. This triggered a defensive reaction in which her would be attacker turned into stone.

On the course of the journey to Lisbon, the capitol city of Portugal, an entire crew was petrified and remained as statues. Dead to the world and imprisoned as stone.

The ship was stigmatized as being cursed, set on fire and set to drift back out to sea. Most of the Chinese on board drowned or burned to death.

Those who attempted to swim to shore were murdered before they could make it to the beach. All except for Xena Xui and her miracle child.

After integrating themselves with the Chinese already in bondage in Portugal, Xena Xui and her child were eventually sold as slaves in Brazil, a Portuguese colony.

A century after the asteroid explosion in 1490 exploded and sent down stones of flame over China, in 1590 the two were not only still living, but had barely aged.

The legend of the “Chinese Medusa” began to quickly spread. By 1594 a law was passed that banned the buying and selling of slaves from China.

When large crowds gathered for the street Carnival that was a blend of Portuguese and African celebrations in early February 1624, thousands of Portuguese were turned into stone in the street.

The Dutch take advantage of the confused caused by the “Curse of the Chinese Medusa” and capture the city of Salvador Bahia.

By February 19th of 1624, the  horrified King of Portugal prohibited any and all enslavement of people from China.

To cover their embarrassment over the “Great Stone Curse”, the ban was said to be because the Chinese were becoming intensely and intolerably hostile to the Portuguese in China and elsewhere.

There was already the emergence of the bloody “dance-fight-game of Capoeira from the Negroes keeping the Portuguese occupied enough trying to hold the already spooked colony together.

In 1625, Xena Xui and her magical child are allowed free passage back to China.

Shortly after this, the Portuguese recapture control of Salvador Bahia from Dutch control on May 1st.

Xena Xui and her stone child lived peacefully in China as travelers and street performing magicians until finally being taken in by the families of Cao Xueqin and Cheng Weiyuan around 1750.

Cao Xueqin and Cheng Weiyuan went on to be co authors of what is considered on of China’s Four Great Classical Novels, “Dream of the Red Chamber”.

Dream of the Red Chamber is also known by the name “The Story of the Stone“. The novel is said by the authors to be in part a memorial to the women they knew in their lives as relatives, friends and servants.

To Be Continued… In “Nuwa: Goddess of the Sentient Stone”.

is one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels