We Will Always Butt Heads, Ye Foul Polluters Of Air, Land, and Sea

I watch you standing around and fouling the air with every breath that you are a waste of.

You are a Butt Head.

The disgusting filth that you expel into the environment without care for anyone.

All you seek is the incompetent satisfaction of your degenerate addiction.

And the worst part of it all is that you then discard your ash and trash onto the Earth, often leaving it to be washed into the Sea.

You are a demon of the worst kind.

A devil of death and destruction in the fullest sense.

Your misery loves company, and you carry on to drag everyone into your Hell of despair, loneliness, and pain.

Where does this ignorance come from?

How ever do you continue to justify the pandemic plague that you unleash upon the world you so-called live in?

You do the work of Evil.

Those cigarettes you smoke are a carefully designed, chemical cocktail, created for the purpose of changing the atmosphere of the Earth.

The smoke contains elements designed to make living cells vulnerable to pathogens; those bacteria, viruses and parasites you wish you never had.

And when you litter those filters onto the ground, the soil is contaminated, decreasing the efficiency of plants to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Just another way beyond the smoke to choke, suffocate and smother out life.

Then it washes out to the Seas, reacting with the unique composition of the waters to further poison aquatic life into extinction.

I will never see eye to eye with you on this unsustainable abomination that you wilingly unleash upon our world.

Your ignorance and willful destruction is one of the many reasons that I secretly, and openly hate you.

We will always Butt Heads you Butt Heads; ye foul polluters of air, land, and sea.