Social Media Control of the World: The Global Impact of Mainstream Media

The Global Impact of Mainstream Media

Social Media Control of the World

(Exercising Your Mind) This PodCast was created to use Conversational Hypnosis as a tool for Exercising Your Mind about what I call the Global Brainwashing Agenda.

Integrated with this candid, unscripted lecture, music from several Socially Conscious Artists have been included to emphasize the point I hope to make, and the changes I am working to inspire through critical thinking.

You may also listen to me on my FM Radio Show, every Thursday morning at 10AM PST / 1PM EST on 99.3 / KCLAFM or around the world on www.TuneIn.com and search for KCLAFM.

Featured artist include:

  • Vance Loggins – “The Verdict

Vance will be performing at the Vaucluse Lounge on January 6th 2015.

8210 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90046 | 323-656-6196 (FREE show!!!)

  • Lee Camp – “Why Is A Comedy Show the Only Ones Covering This

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp airs every Friday night at 8PM EST on RT America

All episodes can be found on www.youtube.com/redactedtonight

  • Kaisi Berick / The Siren – “Social Control

Audio Frequency Scientist / Music Producer / Performer / Director http://www.whatisthesiren.com/

Manny Hernandez / Emcee Emphasis – “Dead Presidents

Emphasis: Dead PresidentsOfficial Music Video

  • The Chimpz – “War Machine

ChimpzNation “Chimpin’ Is Pimpin’http://thechimpz.com/

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The Chimpz have a FREE SHOW on Friday, January 30th at The Canby!

19312 Vanowen Street – Reseda, CA. 91335