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Drunk Driving Accident in Beverly Hills? [photo and video]

(SwordPaper) At around 2:27 AM on the corner of Canon Drive and Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverlyy Hills, California; a driver lost control of her car and struck a light pole just west of Canon Drive on Santa Monica Blvd.

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I arrived just in time to witness the Beverly Hills Cops giving the lady driver of the crashed car a sobriety test on the sidewalk.

Beverly Hills accident3-21
Drunk Driving in Beverly Hills?

Two police cars were on the scene of the accident, two officers, and an emergency medical vehicle with two respondents as well.

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Fortunately no other vehicles or drivers were involved, nor did the driver of the crashed vehicle appear to be injured, since she was standing on her own with the police officers on the sidewalk responding to their directions.

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