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Aubrey Logan – Understand (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I stalked Aubrey Logan on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She is a top of the line, world class performer, master composer, vocalist, and musician with stupendous chops on the trombone!

Here are the comments I made on each of those social media platforms.

Instagram – Thjs sound is so richly textured. Incredible layers of wonderful sound! Wow. https://instagram.com/aubrey_logan?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1a2wqp90ctygc

YouTube – An outstanding vocal range, skillfully employed amongst an incredible orchestration. Perfectly blending with the accompanying vocalists and instruments creating a soulful epic.

This is grand. So much fun to listen to, lightly tickling the surface, and yet touching oh so deep. Phenomenal.

Aubrey Logan Facebook – I am just scratching the surface, but with time, I may begin to understand you.

I wonder if that’s within reach anytime soon.

Your dynamics are ingenious.

Elegant and catchy while also being an expertly crafted, complex symphony of radiant, rhythmic, sonic bliss.

Awe is my state here. I’ll keep following and may one day understand a little bit of your masterful compositions and wit.


SIX13 RECORDS Facebook – Thoughtful, playful, invigorating.

Experience a lively performance full of carefully directed emotion, intellect, and poise.

An astoundingly harmonized, deliciously prototypical, refreshing breach of imagination.

Witness a performance that will inspire urges for endless replays and ravenous cravings for more.

I’m very difficult to please… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2142349632517853&id=226673160752186

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