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ReMoving an EyeBall

A fictional monologue of a doctor talking themselves through the amputation of an eyeball lost from diabetic complications:

As I stand here in the operating room, facing a task no medical professional wishes to undertake, I find solace in the fact that I am here to alleviate suffering, even if it means making a decision as drastic as this. The patient lies unconscious before me, the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes having led us to this moment.

I steady my hands and focus on the task at hand. Removing an eyeball is a delicate procedure, one that requires precision and expertise. I remind myself that this is necessary to prevent further complications, to protect the patient’s health above all else.

With each incision, I am acutely aware of the weight of my responsibility. I cannot afford to let doubt or hesitation cloud my judgment. This is a necessary sacrifice for the greater good, a last resort to ensure the patient’s well-being.

As the eyeball is carefully excised from its socket, my heart is heavy with the burden of what I have done. I know that this decision will have lasting repercussions, both for the patient and for myself. But in this moment, all I can do is hope that I have made the right choice, guided by the principles of medicine and compassion.

Remember, this monologue is entirely fictional and should not be used as a basis for actual medical procedures or practices. If you have any concerns about diabetic complications or any other health issues, please seek professional medical advice.