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Original Music Open Mic [OM2]: 03-30-15 at Muse on 8th – Parts 1 & 2

(SwordPaper) Listen to another fantastic Original Music Open Mic (OM2) at Muse on 8th on Monday, March 30th! [http://museon8th.com/]

This is turning out to be a wonderful spot to discover some very phenomenal talent here in Los Angeles, California.

Hollywood in full effect!

Here is Part OnePart Two is below, so scroll down to listen…

And you can also view a PHOTO GALLERY of the performers below

A few familiar faces were in attendance, including Gia; whom you can find out more about on www.DivinelyGia.com

International Singers and SongWriters

SkyWriter from Ireland returned and then a new face from England

Jen Armstrong whom you can learn more about on www.JenArmstrong.tv

Then a few more new and outstanding performers joined us including

Jacque Hammond and Dorian Frankel

Here is Part Two

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Jacque Hammond
GIA the Divine!

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Muse on 03-30

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