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Contemporary Bellydance – The Electric feat Yarrah Bravo – Beautiful (Inertia Remix)

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Improvised contemporary bellydance to The Electric.

An expressive, and completely free dancer, Ann du Ciel aka Nahualli, is an independent, outspoken, and talented artist.

She also composes music, creates stunning visual art, and is a vocal performer. Watch this raw, interpretive, contemporary bellydance fusion set in an urban backdrop.

Music by Nahualli will be featured again on the SIX13 RECORDS show on Guru GrandMaster soon. – Hakeem Alexander

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The intention of this video is to point out the qualities of inner beauty in people, I feel that the world needs to learn to see it more and apprecite it more in each other.

So I am starting a movement with the hashtag #innerbeauty you must post on any of your social media the story of a relationship with someone who´s inner beauty, qualities touched your life and perhaps even saved you in some sense.

This dance is quite liberating in the sense of, well in bellydance I expose my stomach instead of my legs. And at the same time it is a very unusual video from all the ones I have made before.

I wish to remain as an -Outspoken Performance artist.- That my body, voice and creativity is used to give a positive message.

Concept, film and edit by me.

And my bands (Official Music Video) to Satellites is out now!

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