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Ninja Mind Control The Indenju of Egypthiopia

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They knew they knew that terrible terrible things would happen to them they all knew that terrible things would happen to them yet they went on this centuries long mission anyway

The index of ethiopia have gone on a centuries long mission anyway in the face of great difficulty that would last thousands of years one modern linkage in comparison

Modern linkage to the indengu of egypt theopia are the mythical ninja from japan who supposedly have lineage coming from parts of japan called ega and koga

And the ninja are very popularized in fantasy and spoken a lot about in lots of action fantasy and sci-fi and so the basic of what we know of them is that they are typically masters of disguise or night fighters who are skilled in martial arts

And they’re basically cat burglar style acrobats of legend and usually employed as assassins supposedly there are nemesis where the samurai and all that

And the ninja were descended from the chinese diaspora that led to the seeding of the ethnic people in what even has the name hangul or the han country

Korea and japan and the ninja in china were before something like moshen all right or magic man and these magic men it was a title and they pretty much did it all

They were highly skilled which is getting closer to the concept of ninja mind control and the way that most people would understand it which another way that people could understand ninja mind control from fantasy and science fiction is the vampire trance

Or the hypnotic stare of the vampire or vampire hypnosis or vampireic hypnosis and the older films especially the vampires and I don’t know of any really newer ones

But most of them have a concept that vampires can hold a person in a trance which reminds me comically enough of the telepathic spiders in one of the episodes of rick and morty

Anyway yeah those telepathic spiders would lure people in their webs for later consumption so this kind of mind control goes beyond that kind of metaphysical explanation

It’s more about ledger domain and misleading misdirection sleight of hand psychological operations those type of things and it also has to do with what people talk about certain things from the so called oracle of delphi

Which is know thyself and this is one of the biggest components to be explored and mind controlled of any kind regardless of whether we want to call it ninja mind control or endangering mind control or not

So going back to the origins again even further back and understanding this so first of all like oracle at delphi and many of the things that we understand nowadays

Even things like hypnosis have further roots in egypt theopia which by the way egypt theopia is a combination name of many places that include but are not limited to what we now know as egypt and ethiopia

And there are other countries uganda and angola and several other places that were part of these united nations these matriarchal united nations in what is now known the continent of africa

For example one line that we can directly follow back is that the ancient egyptian language and the religions then later became arabic and hebrew which then informed those respective religions that are mainly dominated by that language which are arabic

Of course islam and hebrew which is judaism and then following that and maybe even moving concurrently along with what actually came after directly from the hebrew language would be I’m sorry

From hebrews you got arabic and then following hebrew you would get greek which you can easily follow from the first four characters or letters of the hebrew alphabet or aleppel tale which we get in greek it’s alphabeta gamma delta sounds abet gimaltalk or alphabeta gamma delta which then informed the language and the religion and gods of rome which then eventually turned all those things over into catholicism and then christianity with syncretism and such things

Now the mind control aspect I just traced back how to do the oracle of delphi which is no thyself which is the biggest component here and what we’re speaking about when it comes to any kind of mind control or brainwashing or any type of self control in general and the indengu of egyptopia

Which are the ancient which is the ancestors of these different kinds of these other titles like magic men and ninja which were specific types of jobs that were used as a physical internet and days of pass in conjunction with other practices and that were also conducted in cooperation with natural systems that are both plant and animal including

Of course the insects sub classes the animal kingdom or sub order forget which one it is so the ancient internet system also consisted of many different types of what we could also look at as synonymous with sign language because

For example something like american sign language is only a small subsystem of a larger what could be called sign language a language that could be looked at as the kind of random walk that bees do

The dance that bees do to distribute information to other members of the colony by movements of the body it’s analogous to that and so that system comprises of so many things

There are silent completely body language and hand systems and even ones that have to do with movement of the eyes and complete communication systems that could be considered lip reading because they’re completely different positions of the lip

Teeth and tongue that also can spell out entire different kinds of alphabets or symbols and things like that for those adept in the system so that’s another component of these different types of indengu mind control or ninja mind control which more people would probably be able to relate to just as far as any kind of historical context

But these things really all come down to control of oneself and mind control basically is of one’s own mind and knowing oneself ultimately leads to that type of control through practice

And so in this space we continue to see now these matriarchal nations that were interconnected and called egypt theopia because those are were some of the communications hubs as well for certain parts of the world because they shared landmass with potential what we’re already known to be hostile forces

And again from when I opened up earlier and I spoke about how the index of egypt theopia basically volunteered for thousands of years and centuries upon centuries of discomfort

But it was all addict and different mandates that were passed down to perpetuate a ruling elite class from behind the scenes and it all comes from these primordial

These first nations that set these plans into motion a long time ago because of foreseeing from many different sources what different situations which could be called political situations and just a global

Excuse me that different global interactions would be happening because of the increasing connectivity of the world and seeing what happens on a small scale when different nations meet and then that are closer neighbors and then extrapolating that out for what could possibly happen and also seeing what happens when interacting with other nations

So these first nations we’re going to continue to call them egyptiopeia first set out to explore now it’s not clear which one of them set out to explore

But it is certain that they had several different classes that went out and because of previous experience that there always had to be a warrior class that was educated in many different systems

But the first system was in that of sustenance of basically how to survive it was basic survival how to obtain water and food and clothing and shelter in that order and how to make sure that all of those things are safe

So water food clothing and shelter so they were skilled in those things and then after that how to strengthen and heal the body from first strengthening the body to make it more formidable against illnesses

And then that also is also overlapping with the remember the water food clothing and shelter portion of their training and knowledge and the strengthening heal comes from that

And then there’s a second part of healing which is healing from illness and injury and that’s also with the use of hydration and herbs and different forms of rest and meditation and even exercises as well

And that’s even when there are injuries there are physical exercises for injuries and of course then learning how the body is put together for all of the healing also then very easily informs the warrior of how to take the body apart

And so it starts with first concepts and different types of meditations which could be talked about at first there are different guided meditations and then hypnosis and then there’s self hypnosis and meditation

But then these are all concurrently going along with the survival techniques of obtaining water food clothing which often involved creating mending sewing

Putting together your own clothing basic clothing and building a temporary and more permanent shelter for housing and then of course the next thing was strengthening

Right so these are also physical exercises in meditation strengthening the body and then there’s healing the body and the healing of course is from illness or injury

But strengthening the body is preventative to prevent injury and illness and then there’s the heal which is to strengthen from injury and illness and again

These are emotional injuries too there are ways that for healing as well so they’re strengthening physical mental spiritual and healing physical mental and spiritual

But once all of those things are known including healing that is basic first aid all those things like setting bones and using herbs to deal with toxins and poisons and then also things like basic sewing and stabilizing injuries

Even to resuscitation which was also known back then there were no such a state of systems that involved mouth breathing that was never a thing it was always compression

Chest compression and then all of those things came first and then it was very easy to then inform how to be a warrior from there but there were other things even then that went before the direct training

A lot of the training a lot of things in dengue egyptopia and dirt had a lot of focus so that could be compared to like being very miyagi do like if anybody knows about the karate kid movies from back in the then the tv show called cobra kai which continues on that

But mr. miyagi the teacher of daniel karate basically started having him do chores waxing his car wax on wax off and paint the fence and different things that he taught him that eventually turned into martial arts movements that he had drilled into his body by showing him these tours

And then of course the movie was remade with the same name even though it was in china it could have been called kung fu kid instead with jackie chan and jaden smith where he also did the same thing

Where jackie chan’s character taught jaden smith character martial arts by teaching him different chores so kind of in secret even though these people all knew that they were going to be warriors eventually

Mostly women at first but the work was also balanced the matriarchal system also was very good at delegating and not basically they always knew how to hire people smarter and better than them

As opposed to a lot of patriarchal systems that took over that are mainly ego driven and will fight to keep the power even though there are smarter and more capable people present who are able to lease much better

And there were other arrangements but I don’t want to get into that political structure right now just that things were led a little bit more intuitively and run a lot more smoothly of the things

Also again we have the conceptual things the guided meditation and hypnosis and the self hypnosis and meditation then going from the survival tactics of getting water

Food clothing shelter and then the strength and heal systems right and then before there’s a little buffer before even warrior training and fighting

Which again they’re already being taught all the warrior training and fighting and they know this but it’s not at the forefront and they’re not even sure which one of those things necessarily are all going to be used for warrior training

But a lot of people know because there are no secrets they can see other warriors training they can hear it’s talked about people aren’t restricted from having any knowledge

Nothing is hidden there are no books that are off limits there’s no knowledge that are off limits just people are shown that it is good to go through progressive steps to get through things

And people are moved up if they’ve mastered something and not held back because of a certain amount of time or because of a certain color of a belt or because of a certain title or anything like that

People just move through the systems in a specific order but as they are at the speed at which they are able to master it on their own so if someone wants to take their time

They can take their time if someone wants to move quickly they can move quickly and everyone was allowed to do it just as they wanted to proceed through at whatever speed work for them

And so between that there were dances that were taught and in the dances there were many of these the dances were teaching how to use your body in every way possible

It’s a very physical thing and dancing and playing music and singing were a huge part of and basically it was just a way to either meditate with music and singing and clapping and dancing and to also have parties

To have festivities that could be had every night any night anywhere except everybody was taught to be considerate so there were designated areas where there would be festivities if people were going to be doing them near the villages

In small towns and there were always lookouts and everybody was kept safe and there were always communication systems in place so that these communities always looked out for each other and all of this stuff is integrated

And then as you go along you learning the dances people start to interact with the dance and again remember it’s a language like sign language and so people start communicating with through the dances and then people start turning that type of communication which is basic grammar and logic and then rhetoric having conversations and having these conversations build up and you can start to create games and more dialogue

And then you can build on the dialogue and games of course you can start building all different kinds of elements into the game and then the dance and the game become more and more highly evolved

And all of that then is very easily shown how one can be a warrior by having been such a complete person because you have all of those other skills at hand to do with whatever you want to do

And then finally you’re shown how any one of those things that you’ve learned from the acquisition of food water and the creation of clothing and shelter

To the strengthening and the healing of the body to having festivities to learning how to dance and party which strengthens your physical body and play instruments for entertainment and for meditation

Dancing as well right to games that can be anywhere from mating and meditation dances and all kinds of different ceremonies but training in the physical body

Which is a step one of the steps to go through as rights of maturity and education that evolved into games and advanced dialogues and multiforms of languages

Just like people know different types of coding languages and there are so many different types of coding languages out there so there are so many different types of languages

That the indengio of egypt the opiate were learning not only written and spoken but physical languages languages of music and number and mathematics

Which are all intimately related and then finally showing how all those pieces can be put together as a warrior and then these were continued to be proved over and over again in what could be considered to be sparring session

And even the different nations had regular sparring intervals that sometimes that were agreed upon and sometimes we’re not we’re surprise attacks but these surprise skirmishes were just that

They were no more rough than something like imagine if the ufc were able to have battle royales like the wwe where you could have more than two warriors in the ring

There could be three or four or 20 in this case in the egyptiopean skirmishes and battles it could be hundreds or thousands and they had these war games all the time as if they were real warring nations against each other

But there was one main difference is there was no intentional killing there was no intentional killing it was a massive liveaction roleplaying massive live actual role playing

And people got hurt like in ufc people got knocked out some bones were broken teeth got knocked out some people unfortunately couldn’t go on but there was no stabbing and goring people to death and intentionally going to kill people and pillaging villages and burning things down and all of this sort of nonsense

But that was within this particular community of egypt theopia there were other nations in africa that were not part of this consortium egyptiopia was a very specific thing which eventually was infiltrated and fell

Or at least that’s what seemed like at the surface but the plan the real ninja mind control is that these queens the queens who are the masters of indenjiu

Not only in the fact that they were the matriarchs the rulers of the empires but we’re also the head mistresses the teachers of the martial arts and the systems of warfare

Who were often advised by the greatest warriors in all of the kingdoms whether they be male or female they just always look for the best of the best now

Some other things about this is that when more globalization began to happen even before that term was used in the way that it is in the modern sense the kingdoms of egyptiopeia had already been in many places

One of which was china the chinese people who are direct genetic descendants of the egyptiopians from africa also some of the redheaded people of scotland and ireland as from the queen scota

Who traveled from egypt the redheaded queen scota who traveled and claimed scota’s land and also king aturi king arthur who was also not go off on that tangent just yet

But anyway but that’s just an example of some of the things so the index of egypt the opio who then sacrificed so first they set up a system a long time ago of slavery

So the index of egypt theopia were the first slavers they set up a slave system where they enslaved many people to do a lot of work for them including constructing massive buildings for various astronomical purposes and for storing knowledge for the use for later generations and for the dissemination throughout the galaxy and the universe

And so one of the things is the setting up of the slave system that was then sent out to different parts of the world and the signs of it when it returned

The egyptiopean empresses who and the queens the rulers of these matriarchs had then secretly went into hiding as of common people and allowed the transition of rule over into patriarchal rule so that it appeared as if men were the dominant gender

If you will and that combined with the institution of slavery amongst other things then set up the perfect disguise amongst others for the european conquerors

Settlers and slavers to then do the work of carrying the egyptiopean and dengue across different parts of the world and with them not only their genetics are very carefully embedded into them through the dengue of egyptiopean

Queens who for example had codices that show that they are well aware of how to trace the lineages through female by a form of genetic testing that targets

Amongst other systems one well known one is the mitochondria of every human cell that passes on exact copies of the mother’s dna and the mother’s dna only to each of her children

Which only women can pass on to their children but men cannot so if a family if a woman does not have any female children her genetic line her line of royalty is broken but as long as women can continue to be born in a family then that line

That genetic line remains unbroken so the true mark of royalty is the female’s dna that’s how it was passed on now it might seem silly but women in those kingdoms and I’m going a little bit back and forth

But the women back then also were the ones who selected their mates because they were the rulers so they could select who they wanted to breed with basically

And they selected them first of course by how they looked they wanted the most robust and handsome of the men that they had to select from and this also is part of those big international games that they would have that I said were these giant skirmishes that could be like basically they’re like football games or like big giant mma competitions

They had medics on standby and people to look out for their wounded but there was no intent to kill but so the women would select who they wanted to and would screen them and so one of the things that they would do

Of course is they would look at them for looks and then it would be the same thing as dating to find out how well educated they were and how fit they were and if they were going through that process where they scored in that process

And one of the ways of seeing that were in these circles and some of these circles then sometimes there was a certain ritual that could be got to in these international games where there would be a big circle and the greatest warriors would then begin these circles by dancing and then the dance would then become a game and then the game would turn into a brawl or at least a display of martial arts prowess which included wrestling as one of the primary but it was not a grappling art

So to speak they weren’t rolling all over the floor with each other they were mainly throws and slams and some basic types of submissions but they really were going for knockouts with the throws and slams and yes

People could hit their head people could also submit that’s where the whole tapping out came from and there were some basic gear there actually were mouthpieces and headguards and the warriors could wear shields

There were various different things that went on in the circles that were agreed upon some warriors went against warriors who had weapons but again these weapons were not sharp blade weapons

They used sticks like long sticks bostaff short sticks and two hands things that people are calling nan chaku these days right or the xuan jiangwan that they’re called in china and whatever

So various different instruments like that and so much and then the queens the empresses would be able to pick from whoever they wanted to also should they win a competition if they wanted to

They could select from the other nations men if they wanted to but if their men were the strongest and the most handsome and the most favorable then they would choose someone from there

And there weren’t any rules like oh just because another kingdom married someone from there that they took means that they had any straight binding there were other different things

And plus this was already an international group that agreed with each other and had these things that weren’t killing each other and it also made them formidable against other nations that didn’t do things like this

And other nations that practiced what they themselves considered undesirable practices like cannibalism and other religious and superstitious things which they weren’t into superstition

They were very scientific people that base a lot of things on mathematics and music and direct communication and exploration including many different non physical metaphysical practices

Anyway the infiltration the ultimate mind control though the one main thing is that they were always taught in the very beginning of how to know themselves

And one of the quickest ways to know yourselves is by going through that system is they listen to their body are they thirsty find water are they hungry

Find food are they cold find clothing shelter are they hot go find some place to swim and bathe and whatever right to strengthening all the different exercises which I put laid it out in these steps

But there’s also you already start dancing as early as you can those are the exercises dancing and playing games and then the martial arts so I laid it out in the sequence sequentially

But see that’s how time works but really in growing up like this everything was out there you can start whatever you want there’s suggestions of how to go about it in certain ways that you go

But really all of these things are working so fluidly within each other and all of this to send out their culture and genetics throughout the world and allow the work to be done by a people who believe that they’re dominating control and enslaving human cargo all over the earth

Which is not the case that’s what they thought that’s the biggest part of the a cop of wet on mindset two is deception and so now what you have in the world

The current results and this is what I’ll wrap up with and this is like one of the biggest secrets here of all of this and in a martial arts journey that you can eventually find out by studying hypnosis

Yoga and cappuara now you look at how culture has been so influenced by what people would call black culture originally from african culture how people are shaking their butts and how they dance and all the bass driven heavy music

The clothes that people are wearing the hip hop culture from the jewelry the hats the whole style everything like that all the people practicing african dances

African clothes african colors hip hop music rap music oh wow white rappers and all this and look oh wow these people doing all this and then other people getting mad about cultural appropriation and all this

And that’s the whole plan the whole plan has been to bring africa out to the whole world those ancient queens and empresses and goddesses of the universe

That’s their plan in the first place and it’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know that but there are a few who do and some of them are part of some breakaway civilizations

And some of them are not some have the knowledge it’s unfortunate that a lot of people especially people of color black people any people that seem to be marginalized don’t know women especially

This is largely about women and people of color and just how a system is set up that don’t understand that all of this that you’re seeing people need to relax

It’s not cultural appropriation it’s an inception this is all a grand design and it’s coming full circle all these nations think that they’re enslaving africa even to this day

Going there and pillaging and pulling out all the resources all the gold or going to haiti and siphoning out there mountain of iridium and all this stuff

Other stuff like that it’s a big bamboozle everybody’s fighting for the dominance of like oh let free my people 40 acres in the mule and we’ve been enslaved and all that

The consortium of those african nations the indengu of egypt theopia have planted their seeds and spread them out all over the world and are ruling as a concept and through a matrilineal genealogy

A matrilineal genealogy that’s been carefully selected and monitored for thousands of years just on this planet alone and it’s slowly beginning to show itself in many ways

And because of the fact of its roots being from a mother culture the way that it will unfold is going to be much more inclusive and less marginalizing to anyone

So as there’s not going to be some kind of huge backlash of all this canceling of people because they’re caucasian or male or whatever right it’s inclusive at the same time

Very exclusive I know right it’s inclusive while being very exclusive to how it’s managed and by whom because of what has been allowed to happen this grand experiment has shown what happens when you allow certain types of matriarchal rule

With that we’re going to see very soon how all of these things unfold but just remember the ninja mindset the ninja mind control is really control of your own mind

And it starts with some very very simple practices and it’s in discovering how to express yourself and be productive no matter what’s going on and it takes training

But it first takes a dedication to perseverance so deciding that you will attempt to do your best to figure out how to keep going on no matter what happens

You make that promise to yourself from time to time and you might have a better shot than you did if you didn’t make that decision and you don’t need to know the roots of where anything comes from

Or even if any of that is true at all because the idea the philosophy would be the same no matter what that is very important that all of us come to know ourselves more and more and to train to be more capable at all of the things that we are possibly being capable of as far as time permits and for the fact that there’s no real reason not to

What real reason can you come up with not being the best of your capabilities and there are some situations that are difficult I mean there are people that are born in dungeons with some of these

Fucking psychos that occupy the living space of us all right who will never hear the voice of anyone rational let alone my silly voice at all to give them any hope or inspiration of being liberated from the prison

Whether it be one simply of mind or one actual physical prison of walls or bars or cages or whatever it is but we as warriors can be those who learn survival

Strengthening healing to be able to overflow those types of skills to everyone around us of course we’re all going to have our specialties and then finally to see how all those things actually do help us become better warriors if and when the need arises

That’s the ultimate goal of practicing healthy living and self defense and lots of step by step instructions will be following very soon you’ve made it this far listening to me

You wouldn’t know a lot of people may not or maybe you do but you can learn a lot simply from listening yes you can learn a whole lot about survival

Healthy living and self defense simply by listening you can sit down listening with your eyes closed learn how to do something get ready and go practice it and start to master it through understanding

And there’s a way to do that it’s all progressive start slowly master what you can but just keep on going everybody can do it we all can I got to go

I have some clients I need to go see so I’m going to do that and then we’re going to get back sometime later oh by the way all my main podcast stuff

There’s still so many downloads binaural beats all kinds of stuff that’s free you can access it through unique and most of it is hosted on spreaker

There are blogs podcasts all kinds of stuff standing everything from just basic simple hypnosis all the way to like destroying alien spaceships if that’s your thing

And all kinds of stuff that you don’t have to listen to my voice at all you can download binaural beats and different frequency formulas and listen to them

Listen to the sounds of ocean waves and meditate learn how to lose a dream all kinds of good stuff and all that’s going to keep coming at you I’m going to head over and start training my clients

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