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Fifty Pieces Of Grey: Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword

Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword

Fifty Pieces Of Grey

I think you are a stupid asshole if you think that there are a bunch of aliens running around the Universe doing goodwill for less advanced beings.

I have not had any really good experiences with aliens. Especially not the so-called “greys”. Kick those little muther fuckers’ asses!

But much better than that; we should be Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword!

So what they have death rays and laser guns? A little old school technology goes a long way. I once stopped an abduction with my thumb!

So use your sword to chop those bug-eyed, scary, human molesting bastards into pieces!

An Alien Pandemic

There are people all over the world reporting that these alien “visitors” are doing sexual and reproductive experiments on us.

This is so that they can slowly infiltrate and take over humanity by creating half human, half alien beings that some call “HumAliens”.

I don’t mind a bit of biotechnology here and there. but when you take into consideration that BioTech giant Monsanto’s name means “Moon-Saint”; there is a little cause for concern.

There are many theorists and journalists that have documented and written books about the moon being artificially manufactured and parked in orbit.

But forget about all that. Haven’t YOU had a few way too close encounters of ANY kind?!

Or else why on Earth are you reading this?

There is something going on and I am not going to just lay still in my slumber to be raped and experimented on by these ghouls!

Sure, we here on Earth experiment on “lower animals” like monkeys and mice, but I don’t do that shit and certainly do not endorse it.

So we need to fight back against the little grey boogers who think they can just come down here and fuck with us.

And using a sword is a great place to start. You can get them easily and stock pile them to the roof if you wish.

No permit required. Take ’em back to the medieval times and slice them into ribbons! Time to make 50-pieces of grey!

Splatter time. And it doesn’t need to be clean. Just swing the fuck out of the sharp end of your sword at them and hit em wherever you can.

They have a lot of technology, but when they scale down their vibes to this Earth realm, they are weak, rubbery little shits.

Basic Sword Training BootCamp

It helps to learn how to swing a sword a little. Don’t fucken chop your leg of in the process.

But if you’ve ever swung a baseball bat that may be good enough if your muscle memory is in good working order.

You should do everything within your sword swinging power to cut these assholes up into as many pieces as possible.

That is unless we find out that cutting them up just multiplies them by their parts growing into fully functioning clones!

Then we are in trouble. What to do then?

Should we use water like in that stupid movie where the greys try to take over a mostly water covered planet?

And then they get their asses kicked by farmers with bats.

Stupid aliens!

So slice and dice the hell out of them with your swords!

And if you don’t have even one sword, then I suggest you get your hands on a few. Because it is goin’ down my friends!

Sooner than you think it is happening. And if you aint ready then you are going to be fucked by your ignorance.

Sure, we may fall to their superior technology. But does that mean we have to go down on our knees like bitches?

Hell No.

Independence Day For Earth

I am not going to. And you should stand and fight with me like a fucking No Limit Ninja Soldier!

Take them back to the land of the Samurai with your Shinobi self. This is intergalactic war.

Some say don’t bring a knife to a gun fight; but if they can travel across galaxies to get here and rape people to make disgusting hybrid babies, whatever we got is going to be just as primitive in comparison anyway.

And you might as well use one of the oldest weapons on Earth. The sword of course!

50-pieces of grey splattered everywhere.


Because they fucked with me one time too many. And if you are reading this, then you have probably been messed with also.

And it isn’t very nice is it?

They could at least offer to buy me dinner first and maybe a cigarette after right?

Even though I HATE cigarette smokers and people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

But its the thought that counts. And they don’t even ask permission. So fuck ’em.

It is a fucked up Universe my friend. But only if you are the one getting fucked up! You can and should be doing some of the fucking up of shit yourself.

Pride Before The Fall

Don’t go out like a whiny little bitch. It’s not worth it. Go out swinging your sharpened blade in a blaze of alien dismembering glory.

This is the stuff of myth and legend. And you want to be remembered as one who fought for humanity.

Not the asshole who shit all over themselves and cried while they were dominated, raped and destroyed by a two foot tall grey piece of snot!

This is war for real homie. I’m not playing. The pen is not mightier than the sword unless it is SwordPaper.

Blood, Blades and Serenades.

It is time to begin dismembering hostile aliens with a sword and making art with fifty pieces of grey.

Swing like you mean it.