Ghosting the Holy Days

(SwordPaper) A few years ago, on my birthday, (which I genuinely forgot about) a friend pried me off my recliner from reading a book by showing up unannounced, saying he wanted to celebrate my birthday. There was a lot of … Continue reading

No Lives Matter by Body Count to be released 3.31.2017 on the album BloodLust

Body Count brings the grind on with this insightful, inciting, relevant, and controversial track “No Lives Matter“. Watch the music video below, and see for yourself that body count remains to be one of the most raw, and impressive metal … Continue reading

Shadow Of An Assassin

(SwordPaper) >Drink Wine and Be Social with Red Heart Wine Club< There isĀ  very uncomfortable reality about the world that I live in. As an assassin. A killer of men for money. Mercenary. For an attention seeker like me. There … Continue reading

I’m A Killing Machine: Put The Knife Away Before I Plunge It Into Your Ass-Hole

Put The Knife Away Before I Plunge It Into Your Ass-Hole I’m A Killing Machine O.K. – So you believe that I am an assassin out to kill you. Why then make a big deal about it and wave a … Continue reading

Fifty Pieces Of Grey: Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword

Dismembering Hostile Aliens With A Sword Fifty Pieces Of Grey I think you are a stupid asshole if you think that there are a bunch of aliens running around the Universe doing goodwill for less advanced beings. I have not … Continue reading

Massive Decapitation: Cutting Off Lots Of Heads

Cutting Off Lots Of Heads Massive Decapitation Swing that blade in an X-pattern as you advance towards your enemies and victims. That will not chop off skulls at the neck right away, but it will drop them to the floor … Continue reading