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Sexy Has Never Been So Deadly: Falling Moon Part 2 by Ashley Needles – REVIEW

(SwordPaper) You’re the type who wishes to lose yourself in time no matter what space you occupy. To live in a fantasy world where you can go adrift through the spaces in between dreams and reality.

But this time, you would rather have the architecture constructed for you to dwell upon and inhale bliss. Enter Falling Moon book two. An exquisite drama full of passionate longing, grit, adventure, fantasy, lust and action.

In the midst of reading you might feel the shaking of the Earth, the shards of glass tearing at your skin, the warm flowing blood running down your face, or the hot excitement of desire urging for you to erupt with pleasure.

You look up. Does anybody know I’m reading this?

Then you are drenched by the downpour of clouds bursting or, the floods rising under the decimated rubble of a skyscraper devastated by the quaking Earth.

As one of the best reads for me in quite some time both in fiction and non-fiction; Falling Moon Two is a welcome and much needed flight from the world that appears around, and the unsophisticated misjudgment too often cast upon such alluring and refined gems like Falling Moon Two that can be found in this intoxicating genre.

Buy and read Falling Moon: Part TWO: Sexy Has Never Been So Deadly (Sweet Apocalypse Book 2)