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Massive Decapitation: Cutting Off Lots Of Heads

Cutting Off Lots Of Heads

Massive Decapitation

Swing that blade in an X-pattern as you advance towards your enemies and victims.

That will not chop off skulls at the neck right away, but it will drop them to the floor with major lacerations just long enough for you to cut off their fucking head.

This is going to be bloody, buddy.

But they should not have fucked with you; a man with a few swords and the skills to use them.

What were they thinking? Stinking thinking I bet!

And now their headless corpses shall be rotting and stinking in a body pile six-miles-deep.

Let them draw their own sword or even a gun. There is absolutely no defense against a blade made of INFALLIUM!

Deflect bullets and slice through their bodies and then take their heads!

Feel the warm blood spray upon your face as you drink it in.

Watch the crimson showers spurting six-feet-high from their jugular veins!

But make sure that they feel the pain and agony first. Make it a torment and torture of the most refined kind.

This means that you don’t take the head on the first cut. You may use “The Cut of the Carriage Wheel” to bisect them horizontally at the waist.

Severing spines and the torso disconnects from the bottom half.

Samurai says; Everyday to sharpen and clean your blade.

For the most effective slice. So you don’t have to hack twice.”

And use that diagonal X-pattern slice to power them to the floor.

Then you take an arm, take a leg, impale them a few times while they are alive for maximum hurt.

Small digits like fingers and toes are more than appropriate. It will leave them defenseless for all the other methods of anguish.

Gouge through the ears and the eyes. You can even saw slowly through the bone instead of a single, powerful, clean slice through.

Using the Musashi, two-sword, Ichi Method is a lot of fun. You can take out a leg below or above the knee while you slash the torso.

Maybe remove an arm while at the same time running through the liver or kidneys.

Whatever you do, when it is one on one, go for maximum torture by taking a long, long time to orchestrate a slow, slow death.

For groups you can hack away on a maniacal attack. The sheer chaotic randomness and frenzied pace of the violence is sure to leave many severely injured but still alive to finish off after you have cut down a few dozen.

Do not be concerned about body-armor or shielding of any kind. There is no material yet known outside of our armory labs that can withstand INFALLIUM.

Blades of this quality and of this finely engineered substance will make any other object seem to be like butter to a Sun-hot knife.

So slice, hack, cut, sever, stab, impale and cut down every adversary before you.

Swim in, bathe in and drink the blood.

And by all means, please make them suffer. We need lots of fear and screams to fuel our machines of hate.

Collect as many souvenirs as possible to bring back home when you are through cutting off lots of heads for the day.

You are more than ready to begin your missions of massive decapitation.

Happy Hacking!